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Welcome to anyfuninVietnam.com - Website for advice on living, working and traveling experiences in Vietnam! We are proud to offer you all the most thorough coverage of experiences in Vietnam, from short to long trips, from the North to the Central and South of this beautiful country.

Our team includes:


Clara Dao: Founder and also a journalist, documentary director and media expert. With 20 years of experience in the field of journalism and communication, Clara has extensive relationships with political, cultural, economic and social organizations in Vietnam. Clara has produced many documentaries introducing Vietnamese politics, economy and culture. Clara Dao is also the founder of Vietnam Australia Times - a newspaper that updates outstanding news on all aspects of life in Vietnam and Australia.

Dũng Phùng: Documentary director and cultural experts on our team. Dung Phung is the director of the famous documentary series "Discovering Vietnam" along with many other documentaries with in-depth content on Vietnamese culture, history and tourism. 


Thơm Phạm: Travel expert, with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of tourism in Vietnam, Thom Pham has accumulated a lot of experience in consulting short and long-term tours. She has advised thousands of tourists both domestically and internationally.

With anyfuninvietnam.com, you will not only have a wonderful Vietnamese experience but also be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of Vietnamese social life and people./.


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